Full name

Federica Zancato


Turin (Italy)


I'm a curious and creative person, along my career I've been interested and I've worked in several different sectors joined by my passion for Cinema, Drawing and more generally the whole Arts. During 2012 I've landed my first two publications, one is a nonfiction cinematographic work published by the Italian Tunué titled "Cartoon Ladies, the Divas of the American animation Cinema" and the other as an illustrator for "Wapatou and the gold seekers" published by the French Editions Adabam. I hope that my knowledge and experiences will bring even more results and satisfactions in the near future, since I never stop to learn something beautifully new.

Here's my website:

And my blog:
http://federicazancato.blogspot.it (italian version)


Illustration, Digital Art, Papercraft


Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut